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Spathiphyllum known as peace lily are great indoor plants. Peace lilies enjoy medium to low light. Which kind of light you need to provide will depend more on what you want your peace lily plant to look like. Peace lilies that are placed in more light tend to produce the lovely white spathes and flowers more, while peace lilies in low light will bloom less and will look more like a traditional foliage plant.

Weeping Fig can thive in your home with a bit of basic care. As it grows, it will add amazing texture in any space, bringing a lush and tropical feeling to your home. This plant thrives in a bright location, avoid direct sunlight.

Ficus Elastica Burgundy known as a rubber plant is a great accent in any space. Good in partial to full sunlight but no direct sunlight.

Banana Dwarf Cavendish Keep outdoors during summer. Bring indoors by late summer.

Curly Fig  (Ficus Pumila) is a fast-growing, vining plant related to the rubber tree and the weeping fig.  Easy to look after, Shade to Sun.  Water normaly.

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