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Hand-Tied Bouquet

Carefully selected by expert.  Lots of flowers are in.

Winter / Spring selection now.

No Vases included.

$35.00$200.00 Excl. Tax
Orchid Planter

All phalaenopsis orchid plants we sell are grown locally in British Columbia.

Usually, last a couple of months.  Perfect gift for any occasion.

$75.00$250.00 Excl. Tax
$30.00$200.00 Excl. Tax
Roses Arrangement

Nicely arranged in Clear glass vase.

Recommended for Hotel guests and/or who is first timer to receive roses.

$40.00$250.00 Excl. Tax
Roses Hand-Tied

Nicely gift wrapped with cellophane.

(Vase not included)

$30.00$185.00 Excl. Tax
Spring Bulbs

Mixed Bulb Planter now available!

$25.00$80.00 Excl. Tax
Vase Arrangement

A collection of seasonal flowers in a creative vase arrangement.

$50.00$250.00 Excl. Tax
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