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Hand-Tied Bouquet
$50.00$150.00 Excl. Tax
Vase Arrangement
$65.00$175.00 Excl. Tax
Rose Hand-tied Bouquet
$79.00$210.00 Excl. Tax
Roses Vase Arrangement

The beautiful colour of roses arrives every week from GREENROSE.

Colour Samples are in the Product gallery

Red: Freedom, Hearts, Royal Explorer

Orange: Nexus  Yellow: Brighton  Lavender: Ocean Song, Andrea

White: Moonstone, Playa Blanca  Sand: Quicksand

Brown: Toffee, Kahala  Pink: Pink Mondial

$97.00$250.00 Excl. Tax
Orchid Planter

The sample shown is the “White 2 stems Large”

$40.00$75.00 Excl. Tax
Flowering Planter

The first sample (Kalanchoe).

Kalanchoe, Red Anthurium & Purple Anthurium

Includes a nice ceramic pot.


$40.00$50.00 Excl. Tax
Green Planter

Long-lasting house planter in a nice decorative container.

$35.00$200.00 Excl. Tax
Succulents Planter

Easy to look after plants.  Bright lights preferred but not mandatory.

Place them near the window but not too close to the window in very cold days.


$40.00$200.00 Excl. Tax
Event Booking

We require a deposit of $100.00 to start a detailed consultation.

This deposit is non-refundable and to be used towards your event.

$100.00 Excl. Tax
Packaged Elopement

This Package includes:

1 Bridal bouquet and 1 boutonniere

$125.00$500.00 Excl. Tax
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